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Κυριακή, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Brotherhood of Karitsa: General Members' Meeting 2014

The biennial general meeting of members of the Brotherhood of Karitsa, based in South Australia, was held on Sunday 12 October at the Goodwood Community Centre in Adelaide.

The agenda of the meeting included reports from the president Michael Malavazos, the treasurer Con Katsambis, as well as electoral and auditing committee member Dimitri Katsambis.

The president provided an overview of the activities of the Brotherhood in the last two years, citing in particular the very successful summer picnics and the midyear celebrations of "Agianniou". Michael also made special mention of the promotion of our village and its history on the internet through Karitsiotika Nea, edited by Dimitri Katsambis, Family Trees of Southern Parnon, coordinated by Stelios Hagias, and Facebook overseen by Katina Rozaklis.

The Brotherhood is very supportive of all these initiatives and decided to also sponsor DNA testing to be arranged by Stelios Hagias in order to trace the genealogy of individuals through time. Initially the following five members will be tested: Nikos Antoniou (son of Ioannis), aged 95, Diamantis Malavazos (son of Michail), aged 90, Nikos Katsambis, son of Konstatntinos), aged 78 , Dimitris Katsambis (son of Evangelos), aged 62, and Kostas Malavazos (son of Stylianos), aged 60. A sixth member Diamantis Hagias (son of Stylianos), aged 89, has already been tested.

In the elections phase of the meeting the following were nominated and agreed to serve on the executive committee for the next two years:

  • Katerina Richards (daughter of Argyris Antoniou)
  • Con Katsambis (son of Nikolaos)
  • Con Malavazos (son of Stylianos)
  • George Stavrianos (son of Panagiotis)
  • Georgia Vlachos (daughter of Nikolaos Antonis)
  • Panagiota Michail (daughter of Giannis G. Antoniou)
  • Michael Malavazos (son of Diamantis)
  • Penny Antoniou (daughter of Kostas G. Antoniou)
  • Argyris Antoniou (son of Andreas)
  • John Stavrianos (son of Georgios)
  • John Katsambis (son of Evangelos)
The following were nominated and agreed to serve on the auditing and electoral committee:
  • Dimitris Katsambis (son of ­­Evangelos)
  • John Antoniou (son of Georgios)
  • Michalis Malvazos (son of Ioannis)
The following nominated and agreed to be included in the list of volunteers for events and functions:
  • Katerina Stavrianos (daughter of Georgios Antoniou)
  • George Katsabis (son of Ioannis)
  • Eleni Fasmoulos (daughter of Georgios Antoniou)
  • Marina Profyris (daughter of Giannis Fasmoulos)
  • George Rozaklis (son of Dimitrios)
  • Tasos Antoniou (son of Georgios)
  • Nikos Katsambis (son of Konstantinos)
  • Stelios Malavazos (son of Michail)
In a closing statement, retiring executive committee member John Antoniou said it was a pleasure to have served on the committee since the inception of the Brotherhood in 1986. He is particularly pleased to see so many younger faces on the committee and wishes them every success. What is important he said is for all to respect the ideas and views of others even when they differ from ours. That way everyone feels included and part of the extended village family.

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