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Τετάρτη, 15 Οκτωβρίου 2014

Soccer: Young Peter Katsambis shooting for the stars

With the completion of the 2014 soccer season we pause to reflect and applaud the great progress of a young Karitsa boy, Peter Katsambis, 13-year-old son of Con and Poppy Katsambis of Adelaide.

Peter, a passionate team player and striker for the West Adelaide soccer club, played a major role in clinching the 2014 premiership against 12 rival teams in the under 14A SA Junior Premier League (JPL) Championship.

Though only 13 years of age, young Peter has been honing his skills in  junior soccer for the West Adelaide club since the age of four.  This year he scored a total of 28 goals for his team in 24 rounds and scooped the club awards winning the Player’s Player award and the club’s prestigious 2014 Chairman’s Award.

Peter is highly respectful of his coach Stavros Gelekis who was recently featured in   the Adelaide Advertiser as well as the Greek bilingual newspaper "Neos Kosmos".   Stavros, aged 22, is indeed a very young coach but has quickly won the admiration of Peter as well as the soccer world.  Stavros was a rising young star but at the age of 15 collapsed and stopped breathing on the field; he lay unconscious for minutes before a club trainer resuscitated him. He underwent multiple operations, but the diagnosis put an end to his playing career until he commenced focusing on coaching in 2012.

Now at 22 he is a modest man who credits his talented group of teenage players as the real heroes of the 2014 season. His philosophy is simple; coach in a way that will give the players the same love he developed for the game.

These are the values adopted by Peter Katsambis as well.  His love for the game, coach, team and club have him already eagerly waiting for the commencement of the 2015 season.

We will follow his progress with great interest.

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