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Δευτέρα, 8 Απριλίου 2019

Wretched condition of road leading to Karitsa only five months after major repairs

This is a most disappointing development, no doubt for the local authorities, but most devastatingly for the people of Karitsa.

Stretches of the road leading to Karitsa, left unrepaired for more than two years after the floods of September 2016 and eventually only fixed last October following protracted protests, suffered major damage yet again during the last downpours a month back. The most treacherous point is the little bridge at Zavrena.

One wonders, how well were the works carried out in the first place, only a matter of five months ago? Are the subcontractors at all liable? What oversight existed and what are the implications for the local authorities and the Municipality? Finally, for how long, this time round, will the residents of Karitsa have to wait before the road is repaired? Surely not another two years!

Given the controversial history of the case, it is imperative that the municipal authorities reassure locals, firstly that the road will be repaired in good time, and secondly make public the timetable for all the required repairs.

If the poor, dithering, ineffectual process employed last time is repeated, it may well reinforce the view among some that the village is indeed neglected and is not paid the attention it deserves by either the local authorities of the Municipality in Skala or the relevant authorities of the Prefecture in Sparti.

Regrettably, it does not bode well, if, as is alleged, the most senior member of the local municipality has never ever, most notably after assuming office some 16 months ago, visited Karitsa, one of only 25 communities in his jurisdiction.

Our village is only seeking its rightful share of maintenance, interest and resourcing from the Municipality of Evrotas; no more, no less!

And so, we wait and hope!

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