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Τρίτη, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Katerina Richards heralds new era in Brotherhood of Karitsa

Congratulations to Katerina Richards who was elected president of the Brotherhood of Karitsa at yesterday's handover meeting between the outgoing and incoming committees.

The election of Katerina to lead the Brotherhood for the next two years heralds  a new era in the representative body of Karitsiotes in Adelaide, since along with her as the new president, Patty Michail takes over as secretary and George Stavrianos as treasurer. In addition Penny Antoniou and Katrina Rozaklis will be supporting the committee with marketing skills.  All five new faces are the Australian-born children of migrants from Karitsa.

Katerina Richards is the eldest daughter of Argyris and Renata Antoniou.  Argyris arrived in Australia, aged 18, in 1965.  Renata is of German background.

Patty Michail is the eldest daughter of John and Ermioni Antoniou.  John arrived, aged 20, in 1963.  Ermioni hails from Grammousa in Lakonia.

George Stavrianos, is the son of Panagiotis and Katina, both from Karitsa.  Katina and the late Panagiotis arrived, aged 21 and 30 respectively, in 1962.

Penny Antoniou is the daughter of Dinos and Syrmatenia.  Dinos arrived, aged 18, in 1966.  Syrmatenia was born in Australia.

Katrina Rozaklis is the daughter of Diamantis and Dimitra.  Diamantis arrived, aged 18, in 1962.  Dimitra hails from Artemision of Mantineia. Diamantis and the late Kostas Malavazos are acknowledged as the prime movers in the establishing of the Brotherhood in 1986. 

The new committee will enjoy the support of the previous committee, namely Michael Malavazos, vice president, Con Malavazos, assistant secretary, and Con Katsambis, assistant treasurer, as well as committee members Argyris Antoniou, John Katsambis, John Stavrianos and Georgia Vlachos

Auditing and electoral committee
Dimitris Katsambis
John Antoniou
Michalis Ioan. Malvazos

Tasos Antoniou 
Eleni Fasmoulos 
George Katsabis
Nikos Katsambis 
Stelios Malavazos
Marina Profyris
George Rozaklis 
Katerina Stavrianos

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